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An attic with too little insulation is wasting your energy dollars both winter and summer. Insulation is designed to resist heat flow in either direction and should be installed between conditioned and unconditioned areas of a home. The most common forms of insulation include fiberglass batts and cellulose or fiberglass loose fill.

Attic upgrades is the easiest and most cost effective way to increase your homes insulation values and energy efficiency. Glacier Pacific Insulation Ltd. uses several installation methods to upgrade attics ranging from loose-fill materials to spray foam.

Conventional wisdom is that attics should be ventilated to the outside to keep them cooler in summer and drier in winter. The truth us that ventilation in accordance with current building code riles will do little to keep an attic cool in the summer, and will control moisture in attics only if there is a continuous and effective air barrier between the attic and heated space below. An attic can be ventilated to "code" or above, and there can still be moisture proble,s. It is very important to prevent moisture-laden air from the house from entering the attic. Wind turbine exhausters are not recommended as a solution to moisture problems in an attic as they will ioncrease the pressure differential between attic and house. If there are any air leaks from the house to attic, it may actually increase the moisture level in the attic in the winter and also ioncrease heat loss. It is wise to install attic vents to current building code requirements. Differences in home construction and design are a majr factor in choosing the right type or combination of vents, Vent location, style and size are all factors to consider when insulating your attic